Computer Graphics Programming Revealed

The term computer graphics programming must be broke down to be understood completely. We all have a good understanding of computer- what it is, what it does-and how to use it somewhat efficiently. This article is not going to get into this aspect; the topic is broad and would fill a book.

Instead this article will focus on the graphics part of the title. We will leave the programming for another article as well­-again the topic is broad and requires more space than the one page this article is allowed.

According to Wikipedia, computer graphics is also a broad subject, which can describe anything “on computers that is not text or sound”. So we can deduce: graphics are images. It gets more interesting though, when we look at the many ways in which images are captured and created. So, as we move into this topic, it becomes evident that graphics are not simply pictures or images themselves, but it is also a term used to encapsulate how these images are manipulated.

Today computer graphics programming is more popular than ever.

The field of study for computer graphics is sky rocketing. As our culture zooms forward into the 21st Century with new technology appearing almost daily and existing technology improving exponentially, we find ourselves enmeshed in a graphic society. Our movies are more graphically animated than ever before in history-not only because it entrances the viewer but because technology makes it so easy.

In the movie industry we might be familiar with the term “CG”. This stands for Computer Generated. This technology allows the ability to create nearly any fantasy scene we can dream up. Movies like 300 create well over 70% of the imagery with computer generated imagery. Interestingly enough, not everyone can even tell the difference. How many of you thought the scenery, or other CG aspects, were real when you saw this movie?

Computer graphic programming exciting

The amazing part of computer graphics is- whatever you can conceive in your imagination, you can likely get it on the computer. There are many programs out there which enable the user to do different things with imagery. Adobe’s Photoshop is probably one of the most well known and popular programs for manipulating photos. This program specifically manipulates pixels, the smallest component making up the image of a photograph. Programs such as this one allow us to wipe pimples off our face, get rid of double chins and even cinch our waistlines to produce more attractive results.

This is just the beginning of what is possible with graphics. Look for other articles on computer graphic programming to learn more about graphic potential and the fun things we can achieve with grap

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Computer Engineering Programs – What Are Your Choices?

It is without a doubt that computer engineering programs will continue to be the wave of the future. So it is not surprising to see universities and colleges putting up their own curriculums, each harping on a specialty to attract potential computer engineers.

Before unveiling the choices of earning a degree, a little background is necessary. Combining the training of an engineer and technical know-how of a computer scientist, this discipline can be applied to every business whose operations depend on computer systems. So given the opportunities that it can give, what are the choices available for this program?

Online or the classroom

One of the earliest decisions a prospective student should face is: how do I want to earn my degree? The programs online are definitely on the rise. A quick search will reveal a range of options, varying from period of completion to partner institutions that add flexibility to your online study.

If you prefer the traditional mode of instruction, the schools offer more chances to diversify one’s study path. Given that different industries also embrace computer engineering programs, then it is advisable for its students to explore other subject matters. This will come in handy after graduation.

Top computer engineering programs

More applicable to offline settings, rankings of computer engineering schools will give you an idea of the best that they have to offer. Scourge online archives to discover institutions that may not be on your radar of Ivy Leagues, but have a strong reputation among practicing computer engineers.

Specializations or areas of expertise often differentiate one college from another. Still, knowing the trends can provide you with an advantage not available to less vigilant students. For instance, did you know that a growing field for computer engineering is robotics? From government research to private enterprises, the prospects of robotics loom large and promising.

Another thing to consider would be the quality of its alumni network. Useful for job hunting and career advancement, it will be a lot of help to know how your former schoolmates are faring in the real world. In fact, surveys that are meant to determine educational ranking include alumni connections as one of its components for judgment.

If you find yourself getting lost in circles trying to interpret the surveys, then go straight to the data that indicates how many working years will it take to get a return of investment to one’s tuition. Aside from having an idea how soon you can repay the student loan, it will serve as a peg to what your income should be.

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